Sunday, December 27, 2009

Somalia Lives Without Life!

Somalia lives without life!
For two decades of civil strife!
See the civilians are losing hope!
Without any help from the globe!

Harbouring terrorists under Alshabaab!
Threatening people down in Dadaab!
Innocent ones are forced to flee!
Those left behind are missing glee!

Lots of criminals were given harbour!
Endangering us and the neighbour!
Ordering my pen to keep silent!
I talk to the world with my talent!

Somalia tasted tribalism!
That previewed pessimism!
Then welcomed Wahabism!
Resulted with us in terrorism!

If the whole world drags behind,
There will be fascists without any kind,
Better the cosmos stand with us;
If fails so, we will curse!

What are all those jihadists?
Calling them Islamists?
Destroying like Zionists?
Assuming us atheists?

My speaking English, think me spy!
That I will never be under the sky!
Them calling me a secularist!
Dressed in Islam, me a nationalist!

I am a Muslim!
I will be a Muslim!
Sticking to my religion!
In and out of my region!

I thank God and believe in Islam!
This is in my heart like stamp!
Pasted on me and on my father!
Following the path of the messenger!

I love my people and country!
And feed them with my poetry!
Calling them all to the sweet peace!
Wishing the war at once to cease!

What we need is a fair government!
With strong organs and parliament!
Under democratic monument!
Elected all in agreement!

Brain-wash not the child and blow!
Give him fit chance of life to grow!
Kill him not, to us so prime!
Misusing him is a bad crime!

Threat of death is what I receive!
But telling the fact is what I believe!
"From the dust we came to the dust we shall return!"
That is a clear verse of the Holy Scripture of the Koran!

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2009

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