Sunday, December 27, 2009


After darkness there is light,
Every nation has a knight,
Leading the people out of spite,
And soaring in peace like a kite;

So patriotic is our poetess,
Tiding the bed of poetic league,
Calling and calling us for success,
And giving hopes those who are weak.

Her talent founded "The Nation of Poets"
Her encouragement makes the poets meet,
Her word holds the key of Somali-wide.

Appreciating her is appreciating Somalia,
Awarding her is awarding Somalia,
Looking at her is looking at Somalia,
Writing on her is writing on Somalia.

While Somalia is falling apart,
She is ameliorating as to unite,
Against fiefdom, with poem in combat,
Signaling others all in spite;

She is altruist she is active,
She is nationalist she is neat,
She is naturalist she is noted,
She is traditionalist she is talented.

She is educator she is advocate,
She is learner she is leader,
She is homemaker she is poem-hunter,
She is patriot she is power.

She is heroine of our homeland,
Holding our flag up in Maryland,
Helping the nation whole in hand,
Loving her heritage loving her land;

Learn from her, lead like her,
Stand with her, act like her,
Behave like her, bright like her,
Build like her, beam like her.


Her blood composes of Somalia,
Her love is based on Somalia,
She is the symbol of unity,
And she lives in reality.

NOTE: This poem is an award to Halima Ali Ahmed, in honour of her patriotic effort of founding:, the meeting-point- of Somali poetry.
Stanza is a Somali poet, journalist, translator, cameraman, political pundit, book-reviewer and author based in Africa. His new novel, The Beaming Blood, is waiting for publication. He can be reached at:

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2009

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