Friday, January 1, 2010

Group poem 3: The Masterpiece HOOYO/MAMA♥

Thank you everyone for participating in group poem THREE, and special thanks to Zana for the poem title The Masterpiece

Ammi, Madre, Mama, this is for you Hooyo,
For you we’ll always be so loyal.
Even though you are a Queen, you’re more than royal.
You have done everything to make us the best, your hard work I won’t spoil.
My love for you goes deeper than the earth’s soil, and richer than its oil…..
Oh, the days have come and gone, and the time has flown.
From youth hood to adulthood, you are all we have known.
Your children are now grown, and almost all on their own.
You gave us the freedom to roam as long as we did not do things you would not condone,
If we have hooyo, we will sure soon atone.
Still we leave you not alone,
Your phone is still labeled Home - to show that we still acknowledge your throne.
Your closer to us than our bone, in our hearts you are sewn.
Words can’t describe you, not even thousands of poems.

Hashim S.

God took the fragrance of a flower ...
The gentleness of morning dew ...
The calm of a quiet lake ...
The beauty of the twilight hours ...
The soul of a starry night ...
The laughter of a rippling brook ...
And the grace of a bird in flight ...
Of these, God created a creature
As no other
And when his masterpiece was through
He called it simply - Hoyo.

Zana H Hashi

My hoyos in the world how could words ever do you justice?
your strength beauty and love is not easy to explain, a woman
who's been through so much hurt and pain, yet she still remains.
loving, loyal true.
Oh my hoyo how i love you,
for you are HALF of me
you without me how would i survive?
you've taken care of my every needs,
Hoyo i guess im trying to say i need you like i need air to breath!
Truly a gift from Allah because you come first times 3x, your hoyo,
your hoyo, your then Abo you see, you mean the world to me and i
love you so dearly, my lovely Hoyo macaan!

Kayla Okrah

My hooyo is my inspiration, my role model, my best friend, the one who tells me the truth, the one who protected me ever since I was an infant, and with the grace of Allah Ta’aal she has been the best force in my life. She smiles even when she is experiencing hardship, and ensures me that everything will be okay, inshAllah. She loves me for what I am, and everytime sometime bad happens to me, I see a part of her hurting deeply. My hooyo is the most beautiful woman on this earth.

Ayan Moallin

my hoyo is my love and there is no one in the world that can take her place in my heart!! she is a caring and a merciful one. She the most lovely and beautiful person I know...And, she has given me the best gift of being the best mother.

Rahma Abdikadir Qarowe

hooyo, you're an amazing mother, So gentle, yet so strong. Hooyo you deserves recognition and appreciation for all that you have done for me. How did you find the energy to all the things that you do and the stamina to keep going no matter what gets on your way? Hooyo you are amazing mother, how much I love you no words can ever describe. You loved, cared and guided me through and gave me you undivided attention. You made me who I am, and every day, I try my best to be hooyo like the mother you were to me .hooyo may Allah bless you and bestow you with Baraka and honour you in janah amin amin.

Jamilla Said

My hooyo is the most caring, precious person in the world to me, nothing & no one can ever take that away from me! My hoyo is the person who is always there for me, in my sad days she's comforts me & wipes the tears from my eyes, in my happy days she rejoices with me in my happiness & laughs with me!
at my times of needs she's always there for me even if we live at the other side of the world from each other what my hoyo means to me is far beyond words can ever fathom!!!

Bint Abubakr

Without you, I wouldn’t be what I am
Without you, I wouldn’t survive all the obstacles that I have been through.
Without you, I wouldn’t be writing this.
Without you, I would’ve been just another orphan, lonely and helpless.
Without you, I would be unprotected from all the harm that came my way.
Without you, I would have shattered into a million pieces.
Without you, I doubt, if I would make it this far….
With you, it was always safe
With you, it’s always been like heaven and you are my angel.
I always knew deep inside that almost nothing could ever upset me in your presence.
You were my comfort, hope and everything.
You were there for me, when no one else was.
Without you, I was nothing.
With you, I was complete.

Halima Ali Ahmed

Hashim, Zana, Kayla, Ayan, Rahma, Jamila, Bint AbuBakr, and Halima.
Copyright ©2010

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