Sunday, December 27, 2009


I am neither a son of a poet,
Nor an off-spring of a laureate,
I should either be of the two,
And the wisdom will never go;
It is your love that makes me to be so,
The emotion is not a dunce at the law,
Sense the core with a real score,
For the hope not to be slow;
The love will love the love to boom,
The foe will doom the doom to doom,
The hesitation will dim the dim to dim,
The hope will beam the beam to beam;
Our romance will be at the highest of the height,
It will lift from the weakest to the top of the might,
My heart will smile at your for-me wonderful sight,
It will smile at the magic sight and to tears;
Let them bite us and backbite,
As they won't hide to hide,
For the fault will gibe to gibe,
And the reason will pipe to pipe;
May we despise the dunce?
The dunce at the success,
To escape from hopelessness,
And disregard the mess to mess;
Hi darling and the darling of my soul,
Why don't you call the carriage to cool?
To cool and curtail the hellish of a feeling,
And hear with me the songs of our singing love;
It is you that have stolen the happiness,
Stolen from me and keeping it to calm,
Keeping it with you to keep the keeping,
And coming, for the coming to come.
Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)

Copyright © 2009

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