Saturday, December 19, 2009

The devils job is never done

May Allah bless the souls of the departed
The lives cut short by the devil’s hand
May Allah open His Mercy to them
And that city the namesake of rampage and death

It was once the Jewel
that brightened the shores of the ocean
It was the pride of a nation
that strayed off its salvation
Donning a hat of betrayal
Brimming over with hate
Death has become their life’s mate

Look around now
Listen to the cry of the frail,
The tearless grief and the wail
Look carefully just above the roofs
Do you see the ghosts of the deceased?
Blown apart by your satanic deeds
Murdered for power and greed
Mutilated for causes shady and dun
Sickened minds that weed the cream,
with hopes and dreams of days better than this

Look now and rejoice
Wallow in the havoc you wreaked today
Wash your hands off the blood
with the tears from family friends
Losing a beloved one day after day
Drag the hopes of a nation
Into the bunkers of your misery

Hide your face in their shroud
have your field day while you may
You can disguise your malaise
but will never escape the blaze,
Of the eyes watching your every fey
The chickens will one day
be home to roost and repay
and it ain’t that far away

You can deny it all you can
Your name was written all over the exploding can.
Warped around the hypnotized man
“Shabaab” in plain text it ran
And I know, as every one else does
That you will try it again
For the devils job is never done!

Nur Bahal
Copyright © 2009

1 comment:

  1. Masha Allah, adeer, this is beautiful. I guess we are all mourning for our beloved country. May Allah bring back all that we lost, and grant us much more.

    Jowhar Maidhane