Saturday, December 19, 2009

Single Kiss

My lips are waiting for you to kiss,
My feeling is calling for you to ease,
My ball is rolling for you to score,
My kids are screaming for you to mother;

I feed on the aroma from your mouth,
I depend on your witty advice,
I live on your presence and care,
I die from your one minute absence;

Minus you is minus my breath,
Your smile is my only wealth,
I hug your image in my dream,
And sip with you the romantic ice-cream;

If I were a giant and huge cloud,
I should have shaded you from the sun,
And if you were a torrential rain,
You would have germinated our passion;

Sweetheart, let me lean on your ocean-like hair,
Last on your sofa-like and lovable lap,
Caress and caress your egg-like tits,
Fondle your flabby and mush-like abdomen;

I stay out ungodly hours and hours,
Because your love howls at me,
You are the cause of the unearthly sleepless,
For your words bawls and bawls at me;

Darling, feel with me the uneasy illness,
For I am aiming at an ever-lasting happiness,
I will never grow away from your promise,
And will never wean from your real love;

Sweetie, come and cry with me,
For I have been crying alone,
Leap and lick me on the tongue,
For you are my only candid babe;

Your single kiss means to me more than I can assess,
And my single glance will mean to you more than you process,
I was born for your personal and private pleasure,
And you were born for my platonic and romantic leisure.

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2009

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