Thursday, July 12, 2012

A point in life

Got to a point in my life where rain drops feel like acid ballots shot from the heavens with a heave heart, but we stay so nonchalant, like we can survive a war with great stakes, bodies filled the great lakes, oceans red accented by the moon to color our world with different shades of blood, as gloom takes a young mothers womb, with no praise and glaze darker than dooms day, shelter her heart with the peace of god and the will to move past the ignorance, and those who are persistence with there massage of hate, I got to a point in my life where the young and wise turn into soldiers and than body bags, where the rich get richer, count money with spinter fingers, we rip the soil and burn the soul of mother nature, we wait as she takes her course of revenge, and spits hurricanes of death, and earthquakes as we shaken her to the core, she will shake us to our graves, and drown the world with her tears of hope, only than can we see the rainbow, so long, where's my pot of gold, I got to a point in life where the shade of your skin gets you where you need to go, where proud killed the son, and tribes killed us all, where hungry is taking lives and keeping a score, it's a war and mankind is unarmed, you take a leap not of faith, to the streets, to point your life not to where u wanna go but where you need to be, 

Ayan Abdi
Copyright ©2012

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