Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life is grand

Please forgive me, my past was busy, unlocked my present, and escape to my future,
ruff patches, lonely nights, cold winter in mid summer,
life is grand, written words for the blind, spoken truth for the deaf, and spit knowledge for the dumb,
glue pieces of your heart to a free soul, just to be torn by humanity, AGIAN, broken hearts may be my forte, but my supply kit is limited,
so as I glue away, and leave a sticky mass like a trail of misfortune, itchy palms get money,
but an empty belly ends up on a Telly,
with a fake celebrity, acting the role of a kind hearted being,
if enough care was given, that young child will be eating, and that actor wouldn't need to stroke his ego,
life is grand, to some they regret their birth, mistakes made by others,
fall heave on their shoulders, burden carried almost three decades,
it's time for a new age, they say, the cold hearts, and darkest parts of your mind,
that lerk only in our nightmares, surface, with a gaze that brings a child to hold a gun,
he now has to hold his own, mistake was the name of the land,
that was sucked dry by its own people, mistake lashed back and gave birth to misery,
now misery takes a toll on humanity, humanity gave birth to agony,
and agony stripped them down to their souls, how dare you hurt home,
your life is grand, but agony is around the corner and once you fall in it,
you have no choice but to blame humanity for all their mistakes, now you drown in your misery.  

Ayan Abdi
Copyright ©2012

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