Thursday, July 12, 2012

Abti Nasir

whats keeping me going in this world
is that death will come 
imagining heaven and fearing hell
one day hoping I'll reunite with you
every jummah pray i make my dua's 
for you and the ones we've lost
sending you my love
Abti Nasir you truly deserve Jannah

when i look at a picture of you and your children,
i still break down and cry
it hurt when i heard you died
at that time i couldn't cry
held a firm grip into asking why
i felt like it was a lie
and the tears started to entwine 
wish it was me instead 
never knew missing anyone can torture ones soul
I've lost my mind in this dragging hole
I've missed the souls you raised 
it hurts I cant be apart of their lives 
and there will always be a hole
knowing I haven't got nothing of you

i just wonder if they ever remember us altogether
when we were all happy 
childhood days were full of bliss 
before it was disturbed with a haunting twist
heart breaking to even think
all this sadness I'm about to be sick.   
even though they may hate me
I'll love them anyway

wouldn't believe whats been happening ever since 
your last breath 
how Allah is putting us through the biggest test
there are so many things that people should confess
let you be and put you at rest
11 years on awards and we are still in the worst mess
but inshaaAllah with Allah's help it would be resolved
because theres nothing I can do or anyone else

Abti Nasir we just miss you 
and for all the things you done we truly appreciate it
and I want to help you too
the way you gave zakat   
I'll hand it over in behalf of your name
the way you and my hoyo would walk around the kaaba together
I'll walk around the kaaba in behalf of your name
servant of Allah, the helper and protector 
and what you truly did you helped us 
and I never felt more safe 
one day all this sadness will diminish  
all this pain would just finish 
one day inshaaAllah I'll be there with you 
with your children and grandchildren 
with your hoyo and abo 
with your wife
and your siblings 
and there Allah promises us happiness 
for entity  
O how Allah is so merciful 
knowing there would be one day a
stop to this pain and these falling tears. 

Idil Ahmed Mahamed 
Copyright © 2012

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