Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Home

By now

You heard them all
tales of derring-do
and the curtain fall
after all, you got used to

my tales, my stories
my burden, my worries
my disappointments
neglected, by those regrets

“It’s not describable in words
how much it hurts
trying to grasp the intensity,
the message, intending to set it free”

is all I heard, before I left
we fell into desuetude
finding myself, in society’s cleft
a deep split between us hushed the mood

a cry of justice
screams, just break this
verse apart, looking down at my feet
that is how you compensate the heat

“I long for you to come home
ingenuous, that is what you used to be
more and more, my son has grown
the system pushed him back to me”

a deeply moved mother
moves the soul like no other
when are we going to appreciate
time is ticking, is it close to late

for this generation
make a difference
for the next and its destination
again, at the crossroad to ignorance

“Twenty one years in the West
signs of recovery are patchy at best
my home, you look as if you still need to rest
you keep your cards close to your chest”

we still do not comprehend
how it came to this suspicion
it takes even more to understand
how it came to this division

The capital of my state of mind
the capital that hesitates, asked me to find
forgiveness, what is your part in this
step by step, we gave a sigh of bliss

“Your hope, your stay
your life, your way
your drive, as cold as your breath
seems to scare my home to death.”

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012

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