Thursday, July 12, 2012

The path of the pen

When and where
I heard it many times
those questions of the past
trying to make it last

The path of the pen
takes me on a different way
when and where, a cloister remains
my attitude paves and stains

Those small remnants
I cherished for so long
releasing from any leash
a storm of protest, now we proceed

When and where
who is shedding tears
surviving in my mind
she has reason, while I try to find

The path of the pen
leading to your civil strife
critical and disastrous thoughts
disapproving your infectious brawl

Talkative is every line
narrow minded, keeping it broad
dreams lived, pictures written
destiny closes in, you remained hidden

When and where
did we lose control
perceived pain
on a vast plain

to such an extent

a struggle since birth
a traveller on earth

 – the path of the pen.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012

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