Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 2 (Ramadan Poems): Abadir Hashi

No smell of canjeelo reminds me of my fast and I gradually rise,
like dust particles because my feet are as light as air could be.

Time sits still and everything is in slow motion but this isn’t Matrix.
However, I’m Leo and weather to take the blue or red pill; I would consume neither of them.
Because my only pill is the Qu’ran that lifts my eyelids in the morning; soothed from
Hooyo’s radio.

In need of fresh I slither towards the front door,
The sapphire sky dances above me and its partner the sun,
sways to the rhythm of the waltzing, whispering wind.
It’s a sight to be mesmerized, a gift from Allah.

Bustling and busy, the town is filled with smiles of sun
The ghostly flame from the torch relay only makes the square brighter
Laughter and cheer fills the place like oxygen.

Everyone is either laughing or smiling and I give a little prayer:
That Allah could bless us with a sun like today, everyday.

Abadir Hashi
Copyright © 2012

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  1. MashaAllah this was such a beautiful poem written perfectly and good use of words I like the ending part best jazakallah khair.