Saturday, January 1, 2011

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): Who's looking for peace ..?

I'm  not looking for Peace ...
Sadly Peace is not looking for us..
Peace is something we make in process..
Not by standing still and looking at this indescribable mess..
What will you do ..?
What can you do...?
Am I allowed to do..?
How is that possible to do...?
What hold us back is not the situation..
It's our own daily discrimination...
Our children harmed from education..
Our own blooded ,failed Nation..
Our future based on present information..
Yes, it's we, he,she and me..
Who are we looking at..?
Who are we waiting for ..?
Who is responsible..?
Who can grab the challenge..?
It's we ,he, she and me ..
The New Generation living in an open sea..
Can we do it ..?
Can we take it ..?
As far as I know we've got nothing to loose..
I can speak up today or forever burn in silence..
All we have to do is meet, gather and listen...
Think together as One and spread the words given..
I'm not calling for Peace..
It will sure find it's way to cure our disease..
Turning our back to eachother won't help...
I need your hand ,You need mine to make justice and wealth..
Let's focus on "Who needs me" ..instead of "Whatever it will be"...
Step by step we're gonna control..
Day by Day we'll get the chance to reach our goal..
With a little Positive day I can show you that we can..
We have alot of young , proud and educated man & woman willing to do whatever they can... 
I'm a woman in the future becoming a Mother(inshallah)..
I'm unable to grab a gun and shoot my own blood brother..
I can't solve things with violence or blaming..
The only thing I can do is to help the victims..
Talk to my Eedo's ,Adeer and my Somali sisters..
We need to solve every little thing..
We need to erase all the negativity as a main thing...
Create positivity and let's see how hope can join our list..
Cuz we all know it's there near us so let's show it exist's..
We have Xisbiga Hanoolaato who promote the idea of being Qaraabo..
Silent Cry still fighting for dhibka ha dhamaato..
S.A.V.E Somali Awareness through Volunteering and Education..
WakeUp Somalia young, brave students who comprehend they have a mission...
So tell me what hold us behind..
After all this now what's on your mind ..??
Let's think as One ,gather as One to make our problems solved as One!!
Words won't do but acts makes it done !..

This year ,the next year ,the year after it..
Inshallah I will always stay an optimist..
And for hope I will always insist..:)
Happy 2011 ..
Sanad wanaagsan oo wacan..
wa kul aam wa intum bikheyr ...:)

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