Saturday, January 1, 2011

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): Rain Fall

Letting the rain fall 
To cleanse me of all
To free me from all
The fragments of myself that I never made whole

Letting the rain fall
To rejuvenate my mind
So that I can think of a new concept
To allow myself to feel things I never felt at all

 Letting the rain fall
To feel me up to the top of my being
With something fresh and new, to flush my soul 
And release the desolation and isolation I created

Letting the rain fall
To gain a sense of freedom
Freeing me from me, a sweet release
I will open my eyes 
Let them flood and overflow...

...and allow myself to feel at peace by simply releasing my soul’s cry
Zana Haji Hashi
Copyright © 2010 

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