Saturday, January 1, 2011

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): An Abandoned Wife

She was the one he used to say
constantly reminding her of his love for her
and she would know he meant the truth
believing him was all she did

Gave her all the trust she ever needed
Kept her warm and safe
from all enemies foreign and domestic
shedding all this much blood 
was the price he gave

Somalia was the name that he gave her
she was the ultimate price he finally got
when the imam asked
qabiltu he did say
and there did he give her his soul

She felt so lucky that she had to pray
salaatu sunnah did she make
prasing the lord for his gift
that she forever gets to keep

But one morning did all change
when she woke up wasn't it warm anymore
she felt her side but he wasn't there
so she knew she wasn't safe anymore
and left her alone was all he did

Not to mention what he left her for
the greedy and the ghosts 
all that he spent a lifetime protecting her from
but all that didn't matter anymore

She kept asking around for him
cuz she knew what he felt was real
that something must've gone wrong
that he had all to lose to just leave like that
but wondering was all she could do

As days go by she still waits
all she hears of now is the many wifes he keeps makin
States, Sweden, England or so
replacing her is all he does nowadays
citizenship is what some call it

Her name he says to have forgotten
never seems to care of that
the lovely picture he had of her
he already lost it somewhere in his mind

He knows there is none like her
but yet he urges to deny this
and she still can't forget
the lovely days they had shared

Giving up on him does she never do
believing he might come back one day
telling her how miserable he might have felt
all these days without her

But until then she keeps waiting
for him to come to rescue her
from all the dogs and lions
barking and roaring all around her 
waiting for the only chance they soon might get
that she would give up just like that
so there would be none left of her

Somalia keeps waiting for her people
to come back and make peace
to fulfill all her wishes she had to suffer for so long
so she can be what she once was
the strongest amongst her neighbours
the beauty that never dies.

Abdiqani Aden
Copyright © 2010

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