Sunday, January 2, 2011

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): A Gift

A new year has begun, so future plans are made and marked,
And in my heart something about my deen has been sparked.
I got so much to do, yet such little time,
And among my dua’s is that their will be less crime.
Time flies by so fast,
So in this faith we must be steadfast.
No time for games,
Please no grudges or blames.
Unity and sincerity are a must,
And any wrong doings we can bust.
Newlyweds are increasing,
And misunderstandings we pray will be decreasing.
Life is nothing but two days,
So ya Allah please forgive us and make us not among those who make delays.
Let us aim for paradise and make it our eternal abode,
Make this journey easy for us and let us walk on the best road.
All of us are made of clay,
So let us not take life as amusement or play.
Let’s work not just for a worldly life ,
But for jannah let’s strive.
Faith is far from boredom,
Foolishness we must let go of and procrastination we must make seldom.
God’s beauty we must appreciate,
And each other we must not hate.
“Allah gives and forgives,
But man gets and forgets”.
Grateful we must be,
And the impossible can be possible if we open our eyes to see.
All of life’s pain in the past we must let go,
And to the whispers of shay tan we must nod no.
Don’t be a whiner,
And about petty things do not be a complainer.
Enjoy every second of life and the boundaries of Allah do not transgress.
We have no right to judge, so other souls do not oppress.
Wake up every morning with a smile,
And make sure to reach with goodness and go the extra mile.
Go to baitullah as much as possible,
And make sure to note that nothing is impossible.
Read the Glorious Quran to cleanse the heart,
And treasure this gift (Islam) from the start.
This is the end of our story,
But remember, “everyday of your life is a page of your history”.

- Nimo Abdi Warfa
 copyright ©2011

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