Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Group Poem 25 (War Poems): City & Colour

Taste the flavour
of this city and colour –

railing against her fate
is it really too late ?

Memories faded like the chimney smoke ,
burnt is the past, you survived the stroke .

“Why does it hurt ?”
the art of the human heart .

Those moments of imprisonment ,
consumed by doubts . . .

Please help me to break out !”

When and where, who has been haunted ?
Each line and verse foretold, conducted

to enlighten hazy memories . . .
discomfort of mind and body, the misery !

It struck a whole nation over night ,
hostility between brothers let us stride .

Towards a tomorrow ,
shrouded in sorrow .

Emptiness we cannot explain .
Pain, tell me if we can ever trust again .

Feel the shimmer of the city lights . . .
the city of sorrow breathing through the night . . .

Melodious is the firework by the grenade . . .
those moments when you try to evade . . .

the pain that quenches the thirst for life . . .
Silence, you could have cut the air with a knife . . .

I want to survive strength of will became second nature !

Taste the flavour
of this city and colour –

yearning to see her new-born ,
is there a rose without a thorn ?

The emotions rose to a hurricane force ,
if only I’ve been left with a choice !

Longing for her children far faraway ,
I miss you to this very day !

I had no heart if I did not embrace you, White Pearl –
your soil coloured the feet of your daughter, when she was a young girl .

I see those eyes that touch your soul with every smile .
Sincerity, have you seen it with your very own eyes ?

Something as precious cannot be described ,
few things has to be lived, when the time is ripe .

That perfect harmony, that sigh of relief expressed in her countenance .
Shimmer in her eyes, sincerely wording, rewriting her life at the other end .

Sometimes you have to live through the ugly . . .
to appreciate the beauty . . .

you have been surrounded by for so long . . .
a hardened heart is . . . a pity . . . but you keep holding on .

Rising with the stars ,
distant is the horizon, we seem so far .

Keeping a safe distance, paralysed with fear ,
afraid we couldn’t bear the misery here .

Responsibility is a heavy burden ,
an upright frame that became a hurdle !

H o m e, the place where the earth’s surface and the sky still meet ,
a tedious journey back to intense feelings and heat !

Looking back at life, the past events and my concern ,
leave behind a trace of hope, there is a beaten path that leads to a return . . .

to this city and colour –
Taste its flavour .

inspired by Amaal Said

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012

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