Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The world dragged me to my knees

Wie der Ruf der Sterne,
schimmert meine Hoffnung in der Ferne.
Sie erzählen, alles wird sich ergeben,
wie oft lag ich daneben.
Das Lächeln deiner Generation,
der Ruf von Zuversicht hat meine Faszination.

In the open air,
exposed to her stare -
you read every single line.
‘How did his burden become mine?’
Life and me were not closely acquainted.
Who remembers the echo when we fainted?
Sensitive is the one touched
by memories, the summer haze brushed
from the shoulders of the past.
Who was willing to make it last,
those tales close at hand.
Would you ever understand,
if I told you how they began,
would I begin to comprehend,
my own journey and its destiny?

Those tales of the stranger in me,
who feels resentful about everything we break.
Left in pieces, what is left to take
from this, where old habits return.
‘This is all he has come to…’ is all you learn,
from those who don’t weigh the words on their tongue.
You used to be the storm after the peaceful calm.
Destructive, seems every single letter -
‘Constructive is sincerity…’ it was never a minor matter.
Eager to please,
you finally cease.
Clarity is all you lacked.
Hoping to find back,
to those roots that took root
in my memories…(when everything seemed so good).

"Share with me that 'One in a lifetime monologue’
that monologue sharing with me those worries,
that little hope that switches from time to time,
that Somali written in English,
that English inspired by Somali,
that hope inspired by worries,
those worries swallowed by hope.

I want you to ask me, 'What moved you to do so?'
I want you to tell me where I went wrong.
I want you to ask me about motivation and having a motive.
I want you to tell me that it is okay.
I want you to know that I am just a man with more flaws than any other man.
I want to know if I ever get the chance to get to know you.
I want you to know that they need you,
I want you to tell me, ‘Do not forget where you came from.’
I want you to remind me,
that you and that me,
that you call mine.

Remind me of the land with the valley vast and beautiful.
The arid landscape brought back to life by the colourful.
The colourful gown & pride of your women,
pride worn with modesty and a smile,
the accessory shared across both hemisphere.
‘How far are you willing to go to find an answer?’
‘What do you know about yourself?

Give me an answer truly calming the storm in my soul.
Tell me, that you and I deserve it.
Show me, that we deserve it.

Brother & sister in faith, by mankind, in humanity.
Let’s take one sincere step towards each other,
one sincere gesture.”

Yours truly,

Mr.The-world-dragged-me-to-my-knees - "I just need to breathe, pause for a second. Holding onto things for years, that I do not comprehend."

Do not stop believing.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012

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