Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Appreciation (*)

Appreciation is my dedication
I hope I dedicate to give peace to my nation
Create sense in a dream, it needs to be awakened
I was awake for some days, and..
Thinking about the tools that will move fools out in a dark end
We born with a heart, so don't pretend!
Love the things for your friends as same as the things for yourself
Appreciate the good and the worst times
Memories live forever
Like a candle that never goes off it brings true light of better
And its better to realise what you have is temporary, it doesn't last forever
They say we; "Young forever" living for materialistic wishes
They sing songs to stay young together
So blind, I feel ready guns are penetrating my longs can't hold the urine in my bladder
Its so natural to appreciate
So edible are true feelings
Glass shinning lights on the ceiling
What a metaphor
I'm so better for, the simple things in life
A brother who holds your rights
A sister that knows your dreams
And a dream that becomes reality
I believe in that dignity
I'm digging the picture but the image is pinching me
Why say never is never
Then why is it not meant to be?
Is fate not invisible like time
And is Karma not like the guardian of low waters such in a running stream
So when ones drowning in his sleep
He can be freed if his soul was in peace
In the end, Its only for God to judge
Is it hard to let go the steady hold of grudge
Bunch of flowers for the dead, will not get them back
But it will show respect
Bunch of flowers to forgive, will live to be different
Different to be wiser
Different to take a distant of the wicked
Slang used by kids, to say a good witch is wicked
Some play innocent but deep down inside grows sickness
You just a misfit!
You don't fit in!
You been abused by your bullies
But you came first in the bloody race
I see life as a driving aim
Everyone is on the steering wheel to for fill their aims
The rich smell of petrol made them faint
Monopoly Politics, we like puppets in a game
But to God, we are valued slaves at birth
Yes, we are all equal as humans but differ in ways, we choose our lanes
So may the richer shake hands with the poor, and explore similarity in symptoms
True kingdom of justice and understanding
We just standing in box to hear each confession
Not taking lessons of the lesser
Cuz, struggle in the feet makes good practise
Appreciate each blessing
Depression was not an escape
It was mainly being locked down lonely in a cave
Panicking surroundings around your body that screams, pain!
And I want to believe and appreciate
Rainy tears, they integrate on top of your face
Then it dries up, the weather changes like a mood
Seasons are perfected to unify and to open eyes
Evil eyes are in to divide the good that lies inside
I'm not on about lies that show pride
This heart speaks real of a cause
Of course I do it for Africa
Me don't want to fall off my course
Mother nature needs some patience to regroup her sons cuz they lost
What a shame
Some die to get fame
And some find burning love in someone
That's a soul mate to die for
All my love and trust is packed in one
I'm humbled by her tender care and her daring love
I don't need an applause
I just need a build nest near her soul
Cuz of her heart I adore the motivation she sends through my bedroom door
My dreams will let some minds think
Martin Luther King, let me spring in the spring water
And give some Zamzam water to
Malcolm X
I hope one X will not make a trio
And end with sex
So lost in society, I say this planet has more piety than its context
He keeps wanking on the net
While I'm stressed up to make a change
I give away what they take away, no Robin Hood
Young brothers want to dress up like a wolf and be hood
They think they are misunderstood
I think not everything is understood
But you know what's good, when are in your grave and it lights up for angels who congratulate!
That's when you know your praise to the One where not in vain
Don't let some whispers make you go insane!
Try to pray like this is your last day
5 am, you still awake, tears led you to wait for the morning prayer
So excited to communicate with your Lord
Trust, true winners are believers
So appreciate yourself
Don't loose it or abuse it
Believe in all the bad sides that forms the weak
Before appreciating the good which defines you as unique

Ahmed D
Copyright 2012  

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