Monday, February 27, 2012

Somalia's ABC

Arbitrators of armed conflict arresting the aid of peace
Acquired arts from appreciated ancestors adorn houses
Brutal barriers put up by tribalists bring forth broken souls
Beautiful beaches basking in beaming rays of bliss
Cripples wings of caged doves and clueless elders colluding in corners
Caring communities capable of crowning greatness
Dry soil depending on drops of rain for freedom from drought
Delightful faces dressed in deep shades of hope
Evils of war etched on empty hearts
Eloquent expressions spoken effortless with endless wisdom
Frightening fiends fuelled by gunfire
Faithful friends forwarding seeds for the future
Gunshots and games in ghost towns
Grateful hearts in graceful gowns
Heated arguments and hating hearts
Healing hands from helping mothers
Impressionable minds imprisoned by tribal ignorance
Intricate items inscribed with love
Journalists gagged by justified injustice
Jewels and gems found in joyful journeys
Killing and kidnap a kingdom held to ransom
Kindness in kinship kept in knowledge
Limited minds limbering in limbo
Lakes of love flowing with life
Men married to the madness of war mimicking mannered ministers
Mystical majestic mountains making hearts merry
Numbers numbed by the nightmares of pain
Nurturing nurses and nameless doctors work day and night
Opportunists opposed to peace oppressing in oval offices
Origins of oneness operating in hope
Parasites persist in perpetual parades of destruction
Parents proudly pronounce depths of despair for hope in paradise
Quarrelsome men in quarters refusing to quieten the echoes of gunfire
Queens in the quest of peace with many questions
Resistance to restoration of peace from raving fanatics
Recitation of poems from rewarding roots
Social security surrendered to serial schemers
Somalia second to none so sacred and sweet

Qalbi nura Galaydh
Copyright ©2011

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