Monday, February 27, 2012

Don't waste my time!

three words 
seeds of magic  were
shaping my world
blooming my life
wiping the dullness 

three words were 
trembling my heart 
paving my soul
that looks hard 
but melting inside 

three words 
and now i wonder 
is it me or you who dont fit the equation !
is it me or you who needs persuasion !
like a breeze they are sneaking gently 
under my skin
sinking me deep in that ocean you
does it need translation !!
can it cause all that confusion

three words 
i am in the middle of the story
never noted the beginning 
and the end seems to be wary 
i know my steps look weary 
but the passion still here 
to continue the journey 
look deep into my eyes 
three words are written here 
do u hear their echo in your heart !!
or should i pack and ride th ferry
coz i am no longer that
kid who believed in a fairy ! 

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2012

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