Monday, February 27, 2012


Why,why would I lie? 
The tear drops of my spirit couldn't tell me how to fly 

Why would I lie 
I try to keep my word as a truthful book 
No need for a lie detector 
Is all in my veins 
I shed out my pain trough red cells 
Some need to feel what they see 
like they kiss to tell 
So now it feels like them donors are in vain 
Sucking my blood 
Guess there's no reason to hate 
Why would I hide or escape 
Cuz being a coward 
Its like drinking breast milk in a dark room 
You need to move the cow to go forward 
And stop living in them tunes 
Fantasy life, now call it loony tunes 
So lonely in your booth 
When I mention motivation then it goes kaboom! 
She shoots her fumes 
When he likes her 
But does he find her? 
She's lost in day but is a steady night-er 
My soul goes street-fighter! 
Living in experience makes u more wiser 
Pray that I pick the right fruits 
Don't wanna mistake my seeds in sticking it in a wrong book 
That's when the pages from a tree look shook 
Then I'm just guilty for the wrong pleasures that I took 
Guilty if look back 
Because its past 
You never can bring it back 
Try to put time in your back bag 
Slap that feeling if you think you misunderstood 
You living for a hood 
I'm dying for my people in Africa, with no daily food 
Damn you are busy rep ping postcodes sipping chicken soup! 
Real is with me 
Honesty is addiction 
Don't mean I'm on crack 
But the hero needs Whitney! 
You be dizzy if the truth comes missing 
Piss-ing in fear 
You never listened like Judas 
must I die to live a lie or shall I fight skip the truth with an open eye 
So come inside my door is open 
Welcome to all haters, liars and the beggars 
So if you in 
Take a seat 
Have a drink with the Grim Reap 
Fear not of the ghost, who fly's through feathers 
Forever is eternity 
But is fate closer than forever? 
Cold nine on your face 
Who's your Shepard? 
One eye on the beast is just a lesson 
Prophecies in sight 
The signs of the right 
But why would I lie? 
The Hummer so wide 
But I can't park my thoughts 
I wish for a parking ticket 
Wicked is the world to be 
Illuminati, might be sweeter than a reality show 
Jersey Shore 
If I'm swimming to get a smelly bra then I'm living for a fantasy 
The Atlantic City frees attention to what it needs 
Sandals or open feet 
I know what I have 
Even though its not granted 
Don't pick it randomly 
I'm a man to be 
To keep my family close 
as close my kidney 
Would she be the other half of me? 
Like if its not full 
Would she still be in me and with me 
Yeah, basically we like Adam and Eve 
Ya Adam just believe take them worries of your sleeve 
Life is my oxygen 
The beauty is in nature of trees 
I whistle and I breath 
I'm sick if I sneeze 
Don't pick on the little guy 
Seize decline what holds you back inside 
Is this real for a real man to cry? 
I guess its hide your emotions and fix up your tie 
Laughing full of pride 
I feel them evil eyes 
So feel this, I, will put them of the track 
You gamble your life in tracksuits 
I'm not talking about blackjack 
But who you, snake man? 
Back stab 
Stay away then 
Or be awakened 
My diary swifts to abduct dairy products in fiery seasons 
No I don't admire pirates 
Is that a treason? 
Why would I put my nose in your business? 
If I start my business 
Then you would be nosey! 
Eager to see closely 
Zoomed in sins 
What an eagle 
Friends team up then break up like the Beatles 
What a sad life 
His brother took his wife and stabbed him in the back with a sand knife 
Karma moves back like mother nature 
The guilty will get disabled 
thousand times 
Then why would I lie? 
When facts of life are to shy to be unified 
So secure in yourself 
You gotta get wealth, while I pray for my health 
I die before I lie to myself 

Why,why would I lie? 
The tear drops of my spirit couldn't tell me how to fly 

Ahmed D 
Copyright © 2012

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