Monday, February 27, 2012

Group Poem 25 (War Poems): Tears of the Rain

I cried, I couldn’t control my emotions
Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a part of this generation
My people dying by the minutes, seconds and hours
I wish I could bring back the lost sons
The tears of their mothers
And the pride of the rape victims

She set off to find water in a dry land
Leaving the camp of death behind
Hoping that she and her loved ones will survive
But it was hard, with three children along her side
The smaller one was in her arms
While the two walked, till the girl got weak

And the brother tried to carry
But the poor girl took her last breathe and gave up the fight
It wasn’t long until her second son died
But she kept faith in her Creator
As she walked days and days that she could not remember
She left her son and waved bye

Hoping that she will see him again a live
A day later she found the water
But came back to find out
Her third child died, the drought
And the greed of mankind
Destroyed her life

“She cried till tears ran down her face
Like the rain that never came,
Let’s generate peace for our generation
And help our people to fight starvation
We can be a great nation
If we make sure that another mother won’t cry so much

“This is tears of the rain
Let’s wake up before we become
The land of skulls and graves
As I set to find water in the dessert of death
I couldn’t drink from the rain
Because it was the tears of a mother who was in grief and pain” 

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)
Copyright © 2012

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