Monday, February 27, 2012

Group Poem 25 (War Poems): Who am I

Ladies and Gentlemen I suggest you hold onto your sentiments
Cause what I’m about to say might blow your whole residence
Now ‘Who am I? is a cliché
So I’m gonna twist it into something we all can relate to
Politicians and Government call it a failed state
The situation now has passed make or break
When looking at Somalia’s past makes my heart ache
Wondering when did our reputation get so blood-stained
Was it when the French, English or Italians came?
Or are we just looking for someone to blame
My motherland, my roots, I have yet not seen
Tell me is it safe to walk Mogadishu’s streets
Relying on my grandparents stories and dreams
But now-days coffins closing are all we see
As you can see I haven’t stuck to the theme
As I think I’ve solved the poem’s message and what it means
Whilst singing ‘Somalia Ha Noolaato’ (Long live Somalia) I suggest you be patient
Who am I you ask
I am the future generation of a failed nation

Shirin Ahmed (15 years old)
Copyright © 2012

*Thanks to sister Nimo Yusuf who encouraged this young teenager to write a poem and then send it to me!

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