Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Princess Dress!

A blue dress 
a sky gentely wrapping that fine  creation
the hair like a long wavy night 
covering ur moon , the stars 
and flirting with ur shoulders 
and in between!
a painting to the extent of perfection 
and despite the distance
nothing can blur the reflection
so do u hear my voice 
or u still think it is
the sound of the wavy ocean !

a yellow dress on the dance floor
a gold humbled by ur presence
a desert blessed by an oasis
joining the thirst in the quest
i started to run
and we asked the sun
to show us the road
and at night i kept my heart open wide
but the only visitors i got
were some lonely echoes !

Pearls shining through the red dress
fire ignites the desires
imaginations after imaginations
and everything gets wild
but innocent is the heart
asking them to stay in the dark ally
and if they revolt
buries them in the cemetery
asking the glimpses of u
from here and there to carry
the burden of the passion
and to nurse the wounded hope
to provide a sanctuary !

white or black
u are glowing on each side
coz ur soul sprinkles  joy 
on everything u touch 
and i am wondering 
why am i so sad  ?!
why it hurts that much ?!
asking along the roads 
keeping everything u touched close 
and the answer still the same 
birds singing !
imitating the only voice i can hear 
agitating me with so called wisdom 
" walk and walk 
and u shall find the way 
despite whatever the end could be 
seeds of true love are destined to live 
and be free
life isn't always as we want or dream!"
he walks and mumbles :
we shall see 
we shall see !

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2012

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