Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blanket of Dreams

A blanket of Dreams driven
By forces of god Life’s given

A chance to grow
And prosper
A foreign world
A broken saucer.

Aliens abroad
March on her beaches
The innocent died
With the sound of screeches.

Invaders come 
But seldom win
A truth for the ages
Freedom triumphed kin.

A prize protruding
A life deluding
A new nation birthed
Of fire and mirth

They claim unity
But speak enmity
The aliens gone
But hatred lives on

A people lost
A cause dead
A Dictator’s will
Has your head.

Bridges built
Families lost
A nation’s guilt
Freedoms frost

Revolutions fire
Aspirations higher
Free from the dire of Barre’s quagmire

Back from the dead
A chance unshed
A marriage unwed
Of a nation to the red

Blood of its people
No longer sheeple
Standing at the gate
Of God’s great steeple

Alive or dead
Starved and shed
Of lies and dread Oh Somalia!

Enough you’ve bled

 Sahnun Mohamud
Copyright © 2012

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