Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mother : I Love You

Having you in a ruthless world
Persuading myself being fearless
Without you am hopeless 
Helped me through sorrow and sickness 
Trying to repay you yet money could be worthless

My affection towards you is enormous
Love for you is endless
Looking back on my youngness 
Seeing my string of childhood foolishness  
Was it a mix of joyfulness and innocent silliness?

Thought me how to care 
Your kindness is spacious
Altered my world into happiness
Neither heartless nor careless 
Having you deepest spot in my heart

Realized your composure
None is faultless except Allah 
Countless promises that I made
Yet it’s never too late
Seeing the goodness in your face

For every minute I spend with you 
I take it as a priceless blessing 
Since tomorrow is never guaranteed
Doing limitless prayers for you
Is all that’s in hand. 

Yaya Ahmed
Copyright © 2012

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