Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Censored thoughts and duct tape

They pass around ideas like “the free media”

I guess it must be an oxymoron gone too far

The “free" media has become the greatest slave master of all time

It requires no lock and key nor bars but weak minds to replicate it's rhyme

You can bury your head in the sand while they attack your mind with their twisted points of view painted as truth

They prey on impressionable minds and prevent any attempt to read between the lines

When wrong and right begin to blur into one, the spin doctors have done their job and had their fun

Manipulating many minds whilst masterminding plans to mobilise a marching army of propaganda machines

Men and women brainwashed into certain thinking, because they failed to connect the dots that would've stopped from sinking

Now with the new social media expansion, weaving a black web of evil prepare for epic exaggeration

Like a cancer it will spread through communities so that they are force fed fairytales and information void of the realities

They continue to deceive while we remain pleased to receive their “news”

Even when they print false news, corrections are always made in the end pages

And so the initial lie always becomes matter of fact for ages

They call them lil white lies but how do you dress dishonesty with purity?

No longer lil white lies but black death that is plunging the world into darkness

Duct tape at the ready to silence free thinkers

Media has become judge, jury and executioner

Excuse me for thinking innocent until proven guilty in cases applied

But I guess now its more like access to justice denied

Billions blindfolded into oblivion oblivious to the orbit of The Sun

Deaf to the cries of rational thinking and then sum

Shall not men question the source of their information

Reaching for the keys to their emancipation

Or forever have their mind held captive in dungeons of destructive deception

Qalbi  nura Galaydh
Copyright ©2012

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