Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I challenge you, memories
reminisce, the moments we walked
the path of destiny.
Remember when you lurked,

remained hidden, like the ambush of life.
Delight became cold, while you felt the heat,
still denied and deprived,
shallow attitude rests six feet deep

under my skin.
Your scent, a remnant of the past
that remains thin,
the odds were against us.

Telling me it is fine,
no one would ever see you cry.
The lane of memories is my line,
that tries to understand your reason why -

we reason for no reason.
Voice used to be tender,
mellow through the seasons
does she remember –

how we used to drive.
Those were your words “Your shower of spark
may keep someone else’s fire alive”
the question set no question mark.

“Who led the race from beginning to the end?”
I find fresh hope, in the middle of defeat.
I cling to this rope, in the heat of the moment
when I utter and repeat…

“Heat, you’ll never see fear in my eyes!
Did you ever feared lies
or the sacrifice -
heaving a sigh.”

love p e a c e because

- it's all right, love.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012

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