Wednesday, June 20, 2012


it's a roller coaster 
takes u in and makes u wonder !
as if u are there to watch life 
gives birth to
from within the soul 
and u ought to to find the answer !

it's a roller coaster 
with different scenes 
from every angle
He is on his knees crying
He is on his feet with joy standing
swinging his fist
he will not surrender without fighting
He is on his back romancing with the sky dreaming
a bee flying from chapter to a chapter
a story will be written
Accept !
Refuse !
it dosent matter !

it is a roller coaster
that teaches u the lesseons
the hard way... the easy way
bitter ...sweet !
u will learn
that '' i wont " dosent mean '' u will have it'' 
that love dosnet  always last 
feelings are like seasons 
nothing is meant to stay 
so enemis of today can be the friends of tomorrow
coz faces arent always the mirrors of the hearts !
you will learn
that believing is the core of achieving 
and that achieving dosent solely depend on u doing
but there will be always second chances 
and it might be a one that tells u
it is wise to move on !
it is tiem to move on !

it is a roller coster !
so be patient 
and walk ur way 
leave ur mark 
chapter after a chapter 
before the inke finishes 
and u are left alone 
between those walls
and all u can do 
is just reading 
clearly in the dark !

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2012

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