Wednesday, June 20, 2012


“With hindsight
pain framed my mind”

Failure to redress genuine grievances
made her address our citizens…

You came across it many times,
who could foretell that it rhymes

The atrocities she witnessed have affected
wisdom, the orphan society has neglected

You smash everything to pieces
just to proof me wrong, and my thesis

You formed the base of your premise
by raising your voice in bitterness

Pain is the weight that keeps
in motion, while it suddenly leaps

Into the dark, unpredictable
is what you have become, almost tangible

It hit me all of a sudden, unexpected
there go the memories you treasured

Impressions imprisoned into a momentum
kept us going through the heat of the noon

The picture lasted to the following morning
motivated to travel aimlessly, we kept roaming

Young and naïve; that is what we used to be
the principles of your parents never ceased

Pain is the weight, burdened with a loss
volumes thrown away lightly, the coin that we used to toss

Public roads became second home
holding on your way, you tried to make it your own

A relation to life lacking commitment
would painful stories ever comprehend

If I wrote those words in chalk
powdery white is the trace of our daily walk

The only thing that played to your side at dawn
was the family, preventing burdens to grind on

Hold on, find your freedom from disturbance
interruptions of peace come to an end

Failure to redress genuine grievances
made her address our citizens…

With hindsight
pain framed your mind.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012

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