Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Uncharted Love

Come close,

let me read your life story
with my lips.
hold you
close for a few hours
So you can fill me with your soul
and leave me overflowing with purity

Please, write on the walls
of my heart
as a reminder  that you indeed
were here,
and that it was real.
So that generations to come
can see the art the Queen who ruled my heart
like her kingdom left behind.

I want to travel along your smile,
engage conversations
like holy matrimony
and support every dream
your mind gives birth to

Massage you into my life,
pick you like a rose
and plant you in my soul
so your beauty can grow in me
on me and around me

Please bleed your  past worries out
rest your current problems on my shoulders
I will carry satisfaction in my palms
into the future, for you and only you.

It has become evident to me
that god created you
to remind me of him.
beauty this remarkable is
surly a sign of heaven.

If you didn’t already know,
you are a blessing
and I can’t even
count the days
I sat praying you would
smile my way

when you did
it only took moments
to get lost

I didn’t waste time
searching for an exit.
I invested in you
and settled in for good

It would be reckless for me not to
see the blessing in this moment.
because only god knows moments
like these come once in a lifetime.

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2012

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