Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gone are the days

No lines, no class all done, the advent of labour in the new sense for the pence, over the farm fence walkers to the distance from their residence.
What your neighbor is doing later is making paper, no longer fancy cups, scones or odkaac to mark the practiced centuries later.
Here later at danger of never knowing about Arawello Wiilwaal and degdher.
Cater to an active nature or is it not a choice?
Is it for a conveyor belt of organized labour and business enterprise, to make the paper that accommodates the draper that protects you from reaching for the vapour, to rub on the worn down weathered working.
Overworking to keep up with the ever rising.
Neglecting yet unaffecting barely scraping.
Left over no cover only Allah savior from an ongoing breaking of the souls scaffolding, gone are the days……..

Faiza Mohamed
Copyright © 2012

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