Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Last Day

Editor's note: InshAllah, we hope this poem will serve as a reminder to all Muslims about the hereafter. It was narrated that prophet Muhammad SCW said "“Live in this world as a traveler or a stranger." Lets keep our hearts and minds conscious of the creator of heavens and earth. Lets hope and pray that Allah swt will keep us and continue to guide us on the right path, and keep us among those whom he is pleased with. Lets hope and pray that Islam continues to be our life and not just A PART of our life.
Brothers &Sisters, Through the journey of life how many times have we been
Warned and lectured about death and its punishment in the grave?
How many times, did we stand still and actually imagined how our day will be,
Because believe it or not WILL come, it WILL come!

Brothers & Sisters, Please Take the time with me
To imagine how that day will be

Where we would be and how our situation would be
Would we be one of those, whose reward will be Jannah
Or will we be those who refused Allah’s words and religion
Those who will end up in Jahanam

Why do we close our ears, when it comes to hadith and lectures that inform us of
death- and its punishments.
Because walahi brothers & sisters EVERY SOUL SHALL TASTE IT.
So it’s best that we shall prepare for it.
Imagine The Day you will die, and your soul will be gone,
Only your body will be left.
Imagine the time; you are being carried to your grave,
Which words will we scream and which people will be there to save?
Imagine the time; you are being put down in your FUTURE HOME,
And nobody will stay no mother, brother, sister no father because you will be all alone

Imagine the time two angels will come before you and ask you questions
What will you say?,

Imagine what you have worked for and which of it will come with you to your grave
Will it be the latest sport car you bought? The fantastic make-up kit?, your favorite skinny jeans?
NO brothers and sisters those are indeed dunya equipments and those will stay in this dunya
What will go with you is you’re DEEDS that you have collected in your life time
So many chances you've had to change and now those chances have run out.
Don't wait until that day to regret everything.

Wake up, and let this be your wakeup call
Because brothers and sisters some of us aren’t going to make it, and they will fall
Don’t let that be you. And make a change for yourself
GO back to Allah, ask forgiveness and pray
Remember, always remember THAT DAY!

Fardowsa Cadawe
Copyright ©2009

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