Saturday, July 4, 2009

Voice of The Orphan

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Warlord please
Please listen to me
I plead with you, warlord

Please stop the war
Warlord please
You have waged a war
You have changed colours

You took up the gun hard-heartedly
You have become a tribal warlord

Then you have grown a big beard
You converted into an insurgent
Coming out in your true colors
As a warlord in islamic shape
A blood-thirsty murderer

A ruthless war profiteer
Warlord please

You have fired rockets
You destroyed houses
One of them was ours
You have killed my father
You made me an orphan

Warlord please Now it is time for peace
Time to sit and talk

Time for dialogue
Time for reconciliation
Time to look at me
Time to take care of me
As otherwise, warlord I shall grow up in the streets And become a warlord like you
With no hope to build a nation
But always hoping To kill the hope of children
To create a nation of orphans Or at best to be a suicide bomber
A raw material for the terror factory
A fuel for the disastrous horror machine
Thereby continuing the cycle of war
Warlord please For the sake of the orphan
Would you stop the war

Or you have no heart For anything more than a war
One more appeal, warlord Since you defy Allah’s word Since you respect no life

Let me say you a final word *
For the sake of First July

Would you take a break
Would you stop shooting
Just for the day, warlord Just a time out of your war game
To let one child survive one more day
To let a parent live one more day
To call 1st July as no orphan day

Would you do that please?
Or in one hand you make a speech And fire a mortar bomb on the other.
Abdinoor Mohamed
Copyright ©2009

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