Sunday, August 30, 2009

Apathy, A Pity

Editor's note: Sahnun Mohamud, 16 year old, is the co-founder of WakeUpSomalia. The mission of this noble cause is to sew the tapestry of EDUCATION by building public schools in Somalia. I am absolutely certain that young Somalis like Sahnun will be among the leaders our country will benefit from. Check out the facebook page for WakeUpSomalia:

It seems the rain falls in sync with my emotional content

It’s not the dark clouds, the loud sounds, nor the branches bent

I don’t think about me, think about money, or waist time with superficiality

Because in my heart I’ll always see, none other, than the poor man’s reality

When Somalia’s name is mentioned on the news, on T.V., why must we always turn a blind eye?

When there was once a time when our people needn’t cry, die, nor get high

The time has arrived not to forget the past, rather to reconstruct it

Keeping in mind our potential, our future, please, don’t be reluctant

Somalia will someday, inshallah, become the greatest of nations

Home not just to our people but to beige, blue and Asian

Because you see, discrimination is the purest form of hate

And in your heart I hope lies only good and purity, tell me, whats your fate?

Go ahead, go to Starbucks, have a cup of coffee, chat

But the next time you spend that 5 dollars, just remember that-

The day Somalia rises is the day the Diaspora stand up

The day we raise our standards, give back, no hands up

You see we all want to help, we can claim we do, or we claim we don’t

But keep in mind, the suffering extends beyond your family, your tribe, your old-home

So instead of thinking about the problems, dreaming solutions, and clinging on to your apathy

Remember, you can make a difference, you can save a life, you can truly help.. I try, and I’m just six-teen
Sahnun Mohamud
Copyright © 2009

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