Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Precious ♥

Relationships are not all about the romantic fantasies we hold in our minds,
Nor is it about the images we see on valentine days,
Love is not an easy experience, I will tell you that.
It comes with heartaches,
And frustrations that are will leave you in tears night after night,
Depressive moods will come and go visiting you like a new best friend,
And the anger and anguish of finding out love stories are not all happy ones, will leave your hopes shattered and broken
Love, as you might not know, is not about happiness only,
It is not about unrealistic fantasies,
Nor should it be about unfilled promises,
Love, as you should know, is about being real,
About showing your humane side,
About being together when all you really want to do is leave,
It is about sitting and talking about the not so good days,
Of fighting but ensuring you make up before its dawn,
Of helping each other out,
Of holding hands,
Love, as it should be, is about raising a family together,
Loving each other for the sake of your creator,
Respecting each other even in disagreement,
Love should not be an illusionist vision you hold in your mind, but rather a reality you live,
and respect.

Halima A Ahmed

Copyright © 2009

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