Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Qaat/Kaats is £ 2.50 today!!

They say it has no effect, denial comes and then regret
after a leaf sour takes off and slowly takes away the beauty
but its only grass it can’t do no harm for you and me
but now that I’ve seen you I can’t recognize you.

You complain about your pain with your bones
and that you cant sleep, why cant you listen
and see my facts are true and any longer you can get cancer to
do you want throat cancer,?
tell me what will you do when you can’t ever read the Quran again.
Today the Qaat is £ 2.50, in side I wish the Uk law can ban it for good

seeing the young youth chewing, seeing in their eyes
true addiction takes over their lives
it is a disappoint because back home our people are counting on us
we have the chance so put the stuff down.
Qaat chewers living the life of a Hood-Rat
And this Drug has changed the men of Somalia
may them deny but they know inside its haram
and how it harms their body and mind, sickness comes to them as if they have no control, they are angry they are happy Bi-polar is on the way, “its a leaf please leave me alone” as so they say, it’s that the qaat talking, you or shaadan?

The chemicals are slowly catching on for days now
checking your bank statement and you lie to yourself
you don’t know where the money was spent for
and you’re feeling weak I can see your eyes your lack of appetite
has gone away I can see now your washed away from me,
and so the drug lives within you.

The same thing happened to my father he forgot he ever had a daughter
and when I saw him first time after 20 years no picture and not a voice from him,
he didn’t want to speak but he couldn’t wait to see his friends down at the mafrash
is this what you want? people to remember you for now that they feel you don’t care about them, and make them not feel any worth of anything even versus to a stupid leaf.

And the doctor asked you what is apart of your diet researching the case of your illness and you left out the most thing that you use,
tell them let them give you the right med’s ,
let them help you, or just for once admit it to Allah ask Allah for help, and surly the ones who help themselves will never be ignored,
quit it and I will help you.
The Qaat is £2.50 today and you’re on your way to the shop sure its a leaf but it’s a addiction that sadly has taken over you my friend.

Idil Ahmed Mahamed
Copyright © 2009

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