Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wake Up Somalia

1991 when chaos broke loose

No more government everything is all screwed

Now its gun shots and blood drops intelligence unused

People getting leaner and colder, children get skinner and looking older

They say things happen for a reason, what’s the reason our children aren’t eating

I feel sicken when all they do is deceiving; you walk the street all you see

Is children bleeding, should make you feel uneasy, but we walk around all cheesing

Money in our packets and we all still breathing, our lives unthreatened but there’s nothing were

succeed, no goals in our lives so no chance of achieving.

So to the young and to the old, I say wake up, dust the sand of you shoulders

And wash your faces; get our minds together and start running our bases

We are in deader need of peace and love, so lets all pray and get the blessing from above

They say do it big or go home, but we have no home, so there’s only one choice

When we let hate poison our hearts, that’s when our lives fell apart

So I stand straight and cry a scream so loud, that it turns every head in the crowd

Wake up, I tell them wake up, our lives are ending and the new generation needs

Our protection, fathers feel free to show affection to guide them in the right direction

Ayan Abdi
Copyright ©2009

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