Saturday, November 21, 2009

Element of success..

The mind is else where while the soul is in search of deeper purpose of such things that do not have any means to life, yet we continue to dwell on the minute purposeless issues. Instead of fantasying your dreams and searching a deeper meaning of such things that do not have any purposes yet we continue to engage in unnecessary fantasy which do not bring happiness in ones life but merely makes them eager for more.

For one to achieve and make their dreams to reality they will go through all kinds of hardship. One will encounter many barriers to which we ought to overcome, Life will throw all kinds of weapon to destroy your abilities, be wise in your thoughts. Do not search an empty box when you know there wasn’t anything in the first place.

Be wise of dreams as dreams divide in to two kinds, where one is attainable, but other only remains to surface yet we can not reach or grasp.

To be amongst the greatest, learn to establish yourself, be a voice not an echo and make something of your own and adore it, it is worth for your hardship. Be grateful to what today has given you, rather than to dwell on all that’s wrong, be more desirable to what tomorrow will give. Never forget what you were before this day. we spend time thinking about what we could have, when we show little appreciation and gratitude for what we already have …

Ahmeddeey Maba Shiixaayo

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  1. Looooove this simple powerful poem... I will read it post it in youtuve and credit Ahmeddeey Maba Shiixaayo.