Saturday, November 21, 2009

Forever More

Lost in a realm of pain
Lost with nothing to gain
Unsure what will happen
Will the gate ever open

As my mind told me no,
My heart said it was ok
I knew you loved me
Or so you say ?

You got to me
The way no one else could
I let you see me
Like no other should

You stole my heart
Right from my chest
And broke in two
And put me through something no one could guess

Sand below and grey around
Rain falls to the ground
Yet the sky is dry
I just wonder why

A trust that was broke
Now where does it go
Dropped to my knee
What happened to me

Giving in to you
Unsure what to do
Pieces fall to the floor
I reach for your hand
But all I find is sand

An angel I thought you were
Now I am unsure
The pain I have found
Shatters my heart across the ground

Is there such a thing called trust
Or does is blow away like the dust

Did I give in again
Did I lose it within

You said you loved me
That you would never hurt me
Staring down the barrel of gun
Trigger pulls and all undone
Endless pain
Wondering if it is true….

Even though I’m smiling
I'm breaking down inside
I'll laugh the tears away
so the pain I can hide

I'll get over you
but it will take awhile
And the next time I see you
I'll pretend to smile

Zana H Hashi
Copyright © 2009

1 comment:

  1. wow sis, i am so feeling your work, especially this one.The many faces we have as humans,
    ' pretending to smile' harder said then done.
    hpe to see more of your work.