Saturday, November 21, 2009

A woman called Mother

Mother, A person that has a great significance in our hearts

Mamma, A person which must not be taken for granted

Madre, A person who led us in nine months and brought us to light through pain

Hooyo, A person who has given us her time

Ma, A person who has dried up our tears when we become sad

Mami, A person who can take us through lonely nights

Maman, A person who guided us to the bright side

Mor, A person who stood out with us in the worst

Mamá, A person we love most

We must not forget our mothers. They are the most valuable we have in our lives. She blessed us both with the gift of life with help of Allah she brought you in this world. Without her we would not be here on this earth. Without her you would not be the person you are today.
What we should beware of is to not break her heart. To hear one's mother to say you're not my child no longer is something that we really should not experience.

Think about those who do not have the same luck as us. For every day I thank Allah for my mother. But at the same time I give some thought to the motherless. They have no opportunity to experience a mother's love, they have no opportunity to be cared for, they have no opportunity to say I love you mom,,,,for them I shed a tear and pray for them a good life

I would now like to ask you a favor. A service that should be done every day. Go to your mom, take her hand, look deeply into her eyes. You will see a strong woman who stood behind you through thick and thin and will continue to do it. A woman who is the main woman in your life, a woman who makes you cry, laugh, happy, angry and worried. A woman you look up to, a woman you will never ever drop.

Shape these words from your lips and let the sounds of the heart pass them as you say...I love you

Zana H Hashi
Copyright © 2009

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