Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Somalia- The Nation of Poets {Group poem 1}

Editor's note: This is our first group poem. The purpose of this "group poem" is to encourage people to write biweekly about a certain theme in few sentences. This was our first experiment, and as you can see it flows really well, although the poets did not know about each others verses. I thank Ismail for starting it off so well, and zana and Idil for holding it together so beautiful.

Somalia - TNP unites us in scripture

We all can paint a perfect picture
Like a mirror it helps us reflect
Bringing forth our greater intellect
Somalia TNP is vital , just like an umbilical cord
Convincing us that the pen is mightier then the sword
By Ismail Mohamed

With the pen, I write with fire and flames
Words like glowing passion
Heat flowing through the paper
Aphrodisiac in my pen
I embrace you in lust
The feeling is indescribable
You feel the desire and yearn for it
Like a drug I set up word that is poisoning you
Words to the effect of causing an end.

Zana Haji Hashi

And, to what seems like the end, it all started when the rules were bending.
And down deep the burial ground of the people aren’t buried well.
Our heroes took their lives to mend things for our wealth.
Playing tricks were the reasoning for such pain.
And that gun shots sadly are used for being heard.
And singing birds aren’t recognized at all and seeing green and true beauty of nature, seems like our mind and imagination is playing games.
But remember it won’t and that it can’t be the end now.
Keeping in faith seems too hard to keep a grip holding tight and holding tears, seems so hard to not break at all.

Idil Ahmed Mahamed

But, Somalia is the unbreakable nation for it is all about:
Our land, our pride, our home,
Our poems, our literature, our arts,
Our beauty, our culture, our nomadic traditions,
Our families, our values, our religion.
We are the land of poets,
The land that still persists,
The land that still prevails,
And the land that still yearns for peace,
For peace will surely knock at our doorsteps, saying “Honey, I am home”
We are the poets, of today and tomorrow.
Somalia- The Nation of poets
aims to protect this tradition,
celebrate it with the world,
and inspire the youth to remember,
remember that our adults communicated
through poetic verses with golden glints.
And we aim to celebrate and embrace that!
Somalia ha noolato.
Halima Ali Ahmed

Copyright ©2009

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