Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Invasion from the inside out

As your mother,

I build you a castle, a fortitude unlike any other, unconquerable

Impregnable with foreign lineage, and lullabies.

Fully implanted with my offspring’s, entrenched with love.

Teaching you all the same culture, creed, and consensus for centuries.

Only to have my child, your sibling backstabbing me

By opening the back door and inviting the envies foreign neighbour in

An enemy who plunders and pockets all our beauty

Barricading you inside your palace of hate

All the while watching while you massacre your brothers one by one

For a sense of entitlement you thought your tribe was owed.

My son you can do better

My daughter you ought to know better

Sincerely, your mother

Somali (Africa)

`Twisted Elegance`
Copyright © 2010

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