Sunday, January 24, 2010

a poem for salma my sister

This is truly among one of my favorite poem for it is such a beautiful tribute to someone very special.

Beautiful, intelligent, almost divine, they describe you with these humble words of mine
loved, respected, idolized, adored, these are your qualities that one cannot ignore.
You possess a smile that could inspire the sun to shine, and eyes that show you care
my sister the mere sight of your presence reminds me of the treasure missing in my life - dear mother.
You encompass all that qualities of a beautiful soul - making me thinking mother is still here.
You have the strenght of father and the beauty of mother - no doubt you are the best among us.
You're our rock, our leader, our comfort zone to answer each of our calls
we haven't forgot how you helped father tremendously
As he speaks of you a twinkle in his eye displays how proud you made him....Did you know that?
and we love you forever so much - Ramla, Shamarke and the babies too
Zack, Hodo and Mubarak, but MY daughter I name after you
QALANJO, QAALI, QIIMO BADANAY, to my people I only confide
the honor of our culture, the queen of our hearts as you bask in Somali pride
and though words cannot explain my love for you - I only pray people understand
That there is no women that comes to comparisons throughout our ancient lands
So my sister is a diamond precious yet unique
hard to find but they do not stop this diamond they will to seek
I will not blame you, but if lucky enough to find the diamond hidden away for years
I hope you know I will crush the fool that tries to bring my diamond to tears
for I will guard her as she did me years and year ago
she's in prays and in my heart this i hope she knows

To Salma from her brother.

Mohamed Jamal Mohamed (SIRAT)
Copyright ©2010

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