Tuesday, February 2, 2010


A race deprived of its own grace
No home as it has destroyed its permanent space
Those current residence won't stop the bloodshed unless the earth cries I had enough Somali blood and flesh
And the fortunate one who made it out main concern is staying fresh
Now how do u speak to a man who dreams of making a career out of putting a ball in mesh
A prisoner of his own mind
Self doubt got him confined
Determination and hope words that will never see the light and always racing from behind
The pulse of the Somali mind flat lined

A bleak hope lies within those who's visions extend beyond this mental prison
Desperately needed is a chef that can put this dish together as the ingredients are there one race one religion
Whispers of cries heard from a dormant giant longing to awaken
And the good doctor’s prescription; daily dosage of knowledge n continued lust for education

Ismail Hassan
Copyright © 2010

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