Friday, February 26, 2010

Happiest women

We’re Muslim women and we stand up high

We don’t need your correction, because we are thy perfection

Our men treat us with Love & affection

Don’t even try it, because we’re not disrespected, we are never ever treated unjust or oppressed.

When we step out side that door Men lowered their gazes in utmost respect.

We’re not claiming to be perfect. our flaws are indeed visible,but Allah forgives because his followers are worth it

We are the Muslim mother and we are the ummahs queens , setting the best examples in the deen, with in our heart there is a light that shines to keep our sons and daughters on the sirat al mustaqeem

This Dunya doesn’t mean anything to us, as long as we have our family & our deen

Alhmdulilah ya allah for every dawn of every day and every breath that we take

Truly within our hearts Islam is the path that we choose

Its a privilege to be the pearls of Islam and we need Allah to be our guide.
Muna Abdi
Copyright © 2010

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