Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My sons

Every one has a priceless treasure, whether they know it or not
The day you entered my life, my heart I thought would stop

The joy you came with that day will always be running through me
My love for you will always be limitless, As long as time and I continue to be

I swear to raise you with courage and intelligence so you grow to learn true honesty
The almighty alone can guarantee your safety; through me he will give you security

My wish is to mould you into a strong and righteous character
So you may live your life full of happiness no matter the weather

Respect and draw good sense and knowledge from those older
Earn and share what Allah gives you, remember and care for your neighbour

Never bring tears or anguish to the jewel you call your mother
Your tongue tame, a word to open a wound inside her, speak it never

She was your chosen passage to earth; surely she will play a part in your passage to heaven
Move not only with your feet; open your mind and eyes so all you take in is balanced and even

My only fear is for your innocence to be shattered by corruption
Allah is the only way one can over come the evils of temptation

So hold on steadfast to you’re prophet’s (peace be upon him) guided belief
Islam the true and only protector from all evil and grief

Remember to forgive, as you will surely learn the weight it releases
Be content with what Allah gives you, no matter if sometimes small pieces

And before your head at night you put to lay, thank him for the blessings of the day and ask for evil to be kept at bay
No matter what ever you do, five times a day young man you must pray
Remember my words today, so to my grandsons one day these same words you will say

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2007

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