Friday, February 26, 2010


Oh, you poor Somalia

who used to shine as a five pointed star.

Now there are only three

and those separated from each other.

Oh, you Somalia

your cities that are bombed to rubble

your deserted streets

those which used to burn your eyes with colors

and your ears with laughter and joy

they are now only shadows of the past,

the history has been hewed to the ground

with your blood.

Oh you Somalia

your people have escaped

all over the world

broken to pieces like a pot.

Who poisoned the minds of the men

who used to bear you up?

For those men who made you strong

turned you weak,

turned brothers against each other

planted the seed of hate so deep

turned neighbours from gurgurshaa

to dhurwaa,

and lightness to darkness.

Oh you Somalia

it is so hard to break the circle of revenge

when black blood flows in the veins of the people.

To be able to cut the swords of the doqons

in addition to the power lots of wisdom is needed.

Wisdom to let go of the past

wisdom let go of the useless negative pride.

Then one day Somalia

if Allah Almighty is willing

and when the thistle bushes of ignorance

have been rooted out from your garden,

and the baby birds which have escaped from the nest

will sit on your branches again

you will rise again


among the brightest stars,

and all the five points will shine

together bright as they were

before foolishness came along.

And all we do is pray

and all we do is dream

that we don´t have to wait long

that this day is near.

Johanna Syren
Copyright © 2010

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