Friday, February 5, 2010

Tears from the Sky

Skies darken through darkness; clouds come to oversee - a self destructive mankind fueling famine and disease.
Masses in murder, Nations falling to their knees. If this world spoke words it would be screaming 'please'...
Steady pain and sorrow tears shed for tomorrow, to water the hearts of men, so hollow.
Thirst never quenched, dry our hearts stay… So I wonder why it doesn’t rain every day?
Amongst the clearest of eyes, perfect in disguise, for all we see a mere clouds in the sky...
Drops from above, fall as rain, the sorrowed clouds oversee our pain… All this beauty we receive, yet take in vain, sane or insane - chose your name…
Although calls are heard through the ears of one’s soul, turn away we’d rather foolishly awaiting the toll.
And though the tears bring life, and flourish the land… the reverse in equal they hold at hand.
The calm before a storm leaves all still and weary, an unnerving silence as skies become teary… Shadowing the earth & all they see none can hide the men they be… ‘Wait’.
The seas begin to rumble, blood begins to burn, A fearless wrath which none can overturn, through the fear our hearts yearn as we begin to tear…. Await we must for the inevitable is near.
But sadly our tears will remain unheard for their calls and tears were left unheard. It may sound absurd, but as the truth it stands… subtle tears ignored and now nowhere to stand?
Strikes of lighting as the rage intensifies; fury of the earth begins to multiply.
Whirling winds destroying all in path, fires for days burning tree’s to the last.
Fumes rise from the anger, sleeping giants erupt, and the quietest of statues awake to destruct.
And through the destruction a warning we take, the earth isn’t ours for us to re-create. Through the death and destruction we must contemplate… Redesign as beings, re-determine our fate!

Xaamud Aden
Copyright © 2009

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